Focussing on Problems Makes them Bigger and Attracts More!

Question In the past, I always tried to fix problems; I believed that the more I thought about them, I could get them fixed. I found that they got bigger and attracted bigegr problem friends! Your thoughts?                                 GH

Frank’s Answer:

Our readers are brilliant; you understand the law of Attraction by the tone of your question, well done!
It doesn’t work and is a flawed premise perpetuated by the media. Most think the more they push against what they DON’T want it will go away. WRONG, they attract more.

WHAT YOU FOCUS ON GROWS! What you resist persists, What you ignore haunts you no more!

The only way to really solve a problem permanently is to ALWAYS LOOK TOWARD THE SOLUTION, what we want. Again the universe doesn’t understand the word “NOT” or “Don’t want”. It hears “Problem”.
Try this out next time you are stuck. Focus 1 minute on the problem, and then focus 1 whole minute on the solution. Now go spend another minute on the problem. Doesn’t feel too good does it? You will see the difference in how you feel is night and day.
If you are not sure which you are focusing on, check in with how good you feel! Focusing on the solution will turn your boat around (send you back downstream).