Elephant on the Menu? Sure! One Bite at a Time!

Every week the task (and pleasure) of writing this newsletter dawns on me. I am sometimes asked how do I find inspiration to write? This is a great question as so many people dream of writing some even dream of being a published author. I must be honest about 2/3 of the time it’s very easy as I have a topic in mind all week and it is a natural conduit to the newsletter. The other 1/3 of the time (like this week tbh!) it is more difficult (still doable but harder). I thought I’d share some of what has worked for me.

I found that my little inner voice aka STUMPS (Saboteur Trickster Most Pathetic Self) was less active (STOPPING ME) and when I said , “I will begin to write a book” and not “I will be an author” or “I will write a book and it will be great”.

Another example, If you have been thinking you want to run a half (13 miles/ 21 km) or full marathon (26 miles/42km) but you are not running now. The gap between not running at all might as well be the Grand Canyon! With this type of goal-setting you will lose interest and get discouraged quickly. A better (softer and less of a stretch) approach would be to say, “I’m starting to run and I commit to 3 times a week 2 km per run” (remember how to eat an elephant: one bite at a time!).

Once I had written my first book (Killing Yourself With Your Fork?) in 2009, my STUMPS had another run at me this time saying, “Yeah, you wrote a book but it’s not a REAL book, it’s not that good!”. They are nasty! Here’s how I resolved this more subtle but just as harming one. I reframed it! “I’m a great coach and speaker who writes books too!”, see how this is much softer and more accessible. We can choose what thoughts we put in our minds and change those we don’t like!