Girlfriend concerned with Career Direction

QUESTION: “Hi Frank.  I had a question for you.  My girlfriend is concerned about my career direction. Is there a good career counseling program you would suggest for me?”              SH

“Thank you so much for reaching out to me on this issue, I’m sure many readers will get value from your courage and honesty.

I have attached the unfinished manuscript which will be published in the next year, it called “Career Chameleon: Thriving in a New Reality” and i am sure you will find much to move you forward with in this work.

My main issue with your question lies in the subtext or context of the question. I question the wisdom of your lady friend and her “worrying” for you. In my opinion, a partner is there to support us in our journey, not have these unmentioned or unwritten expectations that could put pressure on you. When we meet someone, we should never think in terms of the things we can change in them. If so, move on! Make sure she is not pressuring you as good opportunities never come from desperation. If you would like more information, contact me privately.