I Lost My Way!

It happens when you least expect it, you’re bumping along chasing all your dreams and the other people that you can co-collaborate with. Then WHAM! A couple of people around you “over-react” to something you said or did or were being. Now it’s one thing when one person mentions something, but when 2 do, then you need to listen, and good.
Those of you who are close to the hurricane that I call “Frank’s life” it’s probably easy to see, I’m running around with so many dream projects and get so excited about the future I believe I am creating that I forgot some people around me, most notably my business partner, PW and my good friend AS. Thank you guys for calling me on my #$%#^! I mean that.

My whole intent is to help as many people as I can with my work, as an author, coach, teacher, speaker and game show host. How ironic I hurt people closest to me. The large projects I have undertaken are all individually quite huge, multiply them by a number north of 10 and you can see some problems.

I realized today that there are 20 days of summer (plus a good September) left and that I barely did anything but work. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely proud to have finished my book “Cobra in the Closet” last week. I’m very proud of the game we co-created, “Masks-Off”, the fact I started 3 new books, completed another, am currently creating a “Breakthrough in a Box’ concept and recording the Cobra audio book and working on the movie script +++.

No, I was saddened by the fact I lost the wonderful balance that allowed me to be creative enough to create those projects. When it’s not fun anymore (and used to be!) you need to re-prioritize. I’m committing now to slowing down and focusing on quality (thanks AS) not volume and speed which dilutes quality. I also commit to enjoying riding my motorcycle a lot more and visit friends. I also commit to go into social situations not to see “how powerful my mind power is”, but to help people and make them see their greatness. That’s an intention more in line with my Most Brilliant Self (MBS).
One of the great exercises that turned me around from anger was to create a “list of positive aspects” of the person I was angry at.

Example: “This person is a brilliant organizer, extremely devoted family person, always works hard on our projects, always is self-directed, etc.”  Within minutes my vibration (aka. MOOD) improved dramatically! Try it yourself next time you are in a resourceful state around someone.

Where do YOU need to re-prioritize and rebalance? Will you or will you do it? Or wait until you cause some pain and people push you away and you feel so lonely? Don’t do that, it’s not fun!