Inner Calm in the Outside Storm and Saying “No” Powerfully

       As I am sitting looking out my 23rd floor penthouse window, the snow is falling in a driving wind. A perfect metaphor for my note this week to you. My building is doing major renovations replacing the existing balconies with new, (debatably) better looking balconies. The jackhammers are wailing outside my window as I sit with ear plugs in my ears a hat on my head and my pets somewhat (understandably) freaked out at the cacophony and powerful vibration. It just happens I’m working a lot more from home this week! Add to all that 2 fire alarms in less than 12 hours. I would completely justified in being frustrated, and raging. The OUTER WORLD (of events and circumstances) is a complete disaster around me here, but here’s the thing, I’m not!

        As I watched the other people in the lobby reacting to their emotions, fears and general vibrations based on the OUTSIDE WORLD, I was very calm, certain and secure in my INNER WORLD (of thoughts and emotions) that ALL IS WELL. I’m somewhat surprised at how well I’m reacting to all this disruption. Once you really, really, REALLY realize that pushing against that which you don’t control doesn’t change the situation, in fact it aggravates your vibration as “what you focus on grows”. Don’t get me wrong, I will be leaving ground zero for a few hours this afternoon but overall, calm reigns. I challenge you to really start noticing your (over) reactions to the OUTSIDE WORLD, and remain calm and centered in your INSIDE WORLD. Yoga is great and all but why not always have access to that calm, still place in every moment of your life? Now that’s freedom!

I got a call today from someone who I have been trying to begin a project with for 14 months. He finally had a project for me worth a fair amount of money that I would have literally jumped at as little as 2 months ago. It felt great to turn the project down and telling him that, “I don’t feel it in my heart anymore and all MY projects are taking off and I want to keep working on those!” I had to be truthful with him and it was a relief. Living authentically is a skill like any other. He reacted very well to my assertion and wished me luck as I did him.

Challenge: What will you say “NO” to (to pursue what really jazzes you) powerfully this next week AND feel great about it!