Knock one off Your Bucket List!

I won’t bore you with why you should have a bucket list (Unbelievably great film “The Bucket List” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman), how critical they are to stretch and reconnect with a meaningful life and path. I’m sure since you are reading this you are already an expert on living authentically and meaningfully.

Last weekend in Mont Tremblant, I crossed one of my bucket list items off. As with most such experiences it’s the people along the way that make the experience that much more powerful, insightful and memorable. I went DOGSLEDDING! I love dogs, own one, and from just a young lad reading jack London’s “White Fang” I have had a fascination with dog sledding. So I signed up for the afternoon as the other persons in my group decided a second awesome day of skiing was their delicious life poison of choice.

I booked the “Mountain” adventure here:

It was surreal, sublime and simply life-changing. As if the universe wanted to supercharge my bucket list event, I was chosen to ride and pilot the lead sled with the husband half-owner of the company (his wife was the lovely instruction before the event person). He was an incredible person in so many ways. His huge heart burst for his team of 69 dogs pulling 5 sleds of eager adventurers. Incredibly, he could tell which dog was doing what by their barks and howls! The 69 dogs were descendants of two original dogs.

The experience of piloting these sleds and helping the dogs up the hills is as connected to nature as I’ve been in a while. I felt as an adventurer would on the Iditerod, Alaska’s world famous 1000 mile (covered in 9 days!) dogsled race.

So, as homework for you this week, I challenge you to a) Begin your bucket list (if you don’t have one and 2) commit to doing one of those items in the next 6 months! Your most Brilliant Self will thank you and you will become a better person. We need better people. Better yet do it for yourself , be selfish.