Spring and Change are in the Air!

          One constant in life seems to be change. Whether we want it or not, the world is always changing. We often feel threatened by change as we worry we will lose what we have or won’t like the new situation.
          I am no exception to this rule. Over the last week so many things that were working well (or so I thought!) have had some challenges. Some of the things that were not working very well suddenly improved dramatically seemingly “out of the blue”.
           I find that term “out of the blue” interesting. Apparently, it signifies thunder and lightning coming out of the sky (blue). In French, it is “tombe du ciel” meaning “falling from the sky”.
            Last weekend, a close friend of mine was visiting and we were both quite shocked and alarmed at how the weekend progressed. It all ended very well, but there were quite a few bumps. At the root was the fact we had not really seen each other for almost a year. Both of us were quite different to each other and triggered some of our own inadequacies.
In our cases, in my humble opinion we are both used to being the most intense persons in the room!
            Imagine two people like that in the same areas for extended periods! Fireworks! That said, I truly know we both got exactly what we needed out of last weekend and we are both exactly where we need to be on our own unique life journeys.