What we Focus on Grows

                What we resist persists, what we ignore haunts us no more. It is a common misconception that the more we focus on a problem the faster we resolve it. The Law of Attraction says the complete opposite. I know when I have what I “perceive as negative news” I am tempted to “talk it out” with everyone I know. I have found in the last few years however that what works for me (borrow it if it resonates with you) is to intensely speak to a few people. I find I find my own solutions as I talk it through. Once that initial blast is done however, I give the matter very little additional attention.
I have found that talking about the “negative” only brings more negative thoughts and ideas and very little new insight or better feeling thoughts.  Remember, a negative event is rarely what it seems, and rarely as bad as you make it out to be initially. I love the following little parable I have heard.
“In a long ago time of strife and war, a Chinese man wished his son to have a long and healthy life.
One day his son fell off his horse and broke his leg.
As the city folk learned the “terrible” news, they told the man, “what a terrible thing happened to your son.”
The man replied calmly, “It is not a terrible thing, I don’t know why but I know this will turn out to be a good thing!”
The next day, the army came into town and took away all the men except his son.”
Next time “bad” news “befalls” (we attract all we receive actually) you, tell yourself, this is all meant to be and just because you don’t know why doesn’t mean it’s not for your best. You just don’t see “why” yet.