When was the last time you Sat Under Your Sink!?

This morning as I was walking in the quiet woods of the park with my dog Riplee (Believe it or Not!) I was in appreciation. I appreciated the nature around me, the beautiful sky and sun, the mild (for January 20) weather. I was in a good place as I always am when in nature.

A thought jumped out at me. Five years ago when I certified as a coach one of the exercises we had to do was to sit under our kitchen sink for 30 minutes with the door closed. What !!!?? You may say. The exercise, which I attempted (I lasted about 20 minutes) was a great example of shifting our perspective. The time under my sink really showed me how much of my intimate space I thought I knew well (turns out not much at all!). Once the initial “what the hell am I doing here?” of my ego quieted down, I began seeing an intricate world I’d never experienced. It showed me that even places I thought I knew well, I really only knew from one view. Another exercise: lie on the ground in your living room staring at the ceiling! Look around, see things you know from crazy new angles. Once we suspend our judgment of the activity (“this is stupid, immature, etc.) we can enjoy it as children do.

This week, I had a close friend over and as we discussed the mysteries of the universe (isn’t that what everyone talks about? lol), I found myself in a new place in my residence. I was standing in a place I had never stood. I was seeing things from an angle I had never seen, and it was fun! I have a hanging set of small “birds”, about 10 of them on a string. They are multi-colored and really cute. I have had that “mobile” for over 2 years but have rarely really noticed it based on how I move around my place. Seeing it from that crazy angle reminded me how, if we switch perspectives we see new (beautiful) things.

Weekly Challenge: I dare you, sit under your sink and email me how it was!