It’s Never “The Man’s” Fault

I met someone at the dog park last week and although it was a one minute interaction it gave me some insight which I will attempt to pass on to you. Here is the conversation I had with “Bill” (name changed to protect the innocent lol!).

Frank: “Hey Bill long time no see, how have you been? Are you still at the Post Office?”

Bill: “Yeah, and I really hate it!”

Frank: “Well, Bill, you’re the only one who can resolve that right?” My attempt to empower him.

Bill: “Yeah…..I guess….I do have some choices….”

Frank: “Absolutely!”

Bill:  It’s all because of the man!”

Frank: “Oh, it’s the man’s fault?!”

Bill: “Yeah, you have to watch out for the man!!! He’s everywhere!”

Frank: “Take care Bill.”

This interaction is interesting as it points out how many people, don’t take responsibility for becoming the navigator of their life ship. Bill blamed “the man”, meaning authority, big business, the establishment, etc.. Blame is #   on the emotional scale just above discouragement and below worry. These vibrations attract other similar feelings, events and people, not good!

I would say taking responsibility for all the events and results in our lives is one of the single biggest differences between winners and also-rans. Winners always take full responsibility for everything. Think about it, once you take responsibility you also take control of the steering wheel of your life. I hope you love to drive (your life) as much as I do!

“The man”, the economy, your boss, spouse or the Government are not responsible for where you are. Only one person is, you. Take responsibility and watch your life merge into the fast lane! I challenge you to take full responsibility for everything, it’s very empowering (#1 on the Emotional Scale).