Question: It seems like every relationship I have repeats the same unhealthy patterns. How do I stop this Groundhog Day!?  Sandy R.

Frank’s Answer: Each time you repeat a pattern it means you haven’t learned the lesson about the dysfunctional pattern or more importantly, even identified it was dysfunctional. Trust me once you realize the level of pain you will not make the same mistake again as you will see telltale patterns. It is a good idea to create a list of minimal acceptable standards for people you want to contemplate dating BEFORE you start falling for them. Develop a “Must-Have”, “Must-NOT Have” and “Nice to have” qualities of your optimal partner.

Realize we attract the vibration we put out, if you keep putting out (to the Universe) the same patterns (worry, fear, lack, anger) you will attract people from these vibrations, ouch!.

Additionally start doing different things with varied different types of people, this could help too as most relationships are created and arise due to physical proximity. Try changing who, where and how you socialize, the world is diverse so should your interactions and activities. Also raise your standards, it may seem counter-intuitive but when you become more selective it’s easier, with so much less turmoil (and maybe even joy, excitement and adventure. I know! Who knew!). Once you look at being single as an adventure you can be light and have fun!