Adversity Quotient: Separates the Successful from the Mediocre

As a college professor myself I am keenly aware of the fact  that all educational systems around the world do a very poor job preparing young  and not so young minds for the reality of the real world. In school we are taught that failure is bad and that one strive for perfectionism. I don’t teach this mumbo jumbo, as I realize that applied hands on skills and failure within a learning environment builds “ADVERSITY QUOTIENT”, or AQ. Also known as resilience.
What does the academic complex value? Safety and security in a job. Secular and technological innovation have made the security and safety of a job actually unsafe. Corporations (dinosaurs) are going through a hundred year cycle of adjustment as smaller, faster, nimbler and technologically proficient firms (mammals) are taking over.

How we handle challenges is whats separates the great from the also rans.
Here is the formula:

Adversity Quotient = IQ x EQ x WQ
IQ is the least important, as often the most intelligent aren’t open to learn (we don’t know what we don’t kinow : most dangerous blind spot). Minimum intelligence required is to create and follow ma game plan.EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is very important as it is how we deal with people and the interrelationships between us.
WQ (Willpower Quotient) is the most important as those who don’t quit get better and eventually win.

Success Formula: 1) What do you want and why, 2) What it costs, 3) Pay it!
A good Life coach can help.