“The men’s circle allows me to voice all my pent up thoughts and concerns to a group of men that I know will provide me with insight and advice that will not only solve current situations but prepare for the future as well. It also allows me to help those same men with their situations and in turns makes us all better by the end of each session.”


“I have been with this circle now for two months and it has been one of the most uplifting, positive, motivating experiences that I can remember. It is by far the best time and money I’ve ever spent. Frank is fantastic, positive, a great leader, inspirational, and the perfect coach and facilitator for this medium. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take that next step in their life, bond with some great men, and have somewhere to go once a week where you can truly be your authentic self and grow with others in the process.”


“The circle, to me, is like coming back home after a long time away; back to who I am, wanted to be then, and still can be now. “Being a man”, said a poet, is “a lonely and austere office”. But in the circle, I am not alone.”