The Cottage

Having had the pleasure of visiting my close friend Chris (thank you so much CP) up at a wonderful lakeside cottage up in Haliburton I thought I’d write my thoughts since return.

  1. I need a cottage! It reconnects me with nature and puts my crazy “do,do,do” lifestyle in perspective.
  2. My dog loves a lake to chase sticks and balls in!
  3. We don’t eat so well when there are chips, pop and beer around all the time!
  4. The stress of the big city is palpable upon arrival beginning with traffic
  5. People in the country are so laid back, it’s nice
  6. Swimming in a lake is still an amazing experience after many years absence
  7. Cool nights by a campfire rule
  8. A nice nap in a cool cottage afternoon is a blissful experience with little to do or complete
  9. Playing cards with friends connects deeply
  10. We worry much too much about things we have little to no control over
  11.  Coming back from a short 3 day vacation, it’s hard to restart the momentum we had, the mental, spiritual and physical adjustments can take a few days
  12. I’ve already made plans to go to another cottage in 2 weeks, darn, I think I have cottage fever                ********************************************************************************************************

“To Have Lived, Loved and Lost….”

    1. I was reading in a business weekly magazine about a man in Indiana who had risen to super rich status through the acquisition of multiple businesses in many industries. The story was about his stratospheric and rapid rise to the upper echelons of society where he supported many local politicians with substantial contributions.
       This man was also into partying, he would fly in 20-30  Playboy bunnies or other models to his estate and party hardy! He had over 30 luxury classic cars, a yacht etc. Finally it was all a ponzi/pyramid type of scheme and he got caught and is now living at his sisters’ house and is awaiting trial. They ask him at the end would you make the same choices again, and he answered, “definitely, not”.
      So he got caught doing illegal things and is now deep trouble. Let’s ignore for the sake of my argument the fact what he did was illegal as most of us would agree that’s wrong. What we do weakly is when we “say good for him” BECAUSE we are jealous of what he lived! He made a bad choice obviously but at least he dreamed and lived big, not playing small.
      What fascinates me is the angle that he lived for at least 5 years the life of opulence many (openly or secretly) dream of living but never will. Here is the question I posit to you:
      “Is it better to have lived like a king for a few years and then like a pauper, or is it better to just have an average and regular life but never have the crazy highs and lows this gentleman experienced?”
      I keep flipping back and forth but mostly end up on the side of really living full out (without crime of course!) as I have done with my (100% admittedly) unstable life path. Remember, I moved to California on a wing and a prayer just over 2 years ago!
      It harkens back to the classic adage, “Tis better to have loved and lost / Than never to have loved at all” by Alfred Lord Tenyson. Many people just decide it’s too much pain to love and risk our heart again and decide to either settle with a partner they don’t really love or never risk again.
       Life is about the connections we make and the growth we experience on whatever path we chose. Remember, “not choosing” is a choice and usually a poor one as it does not reward with any pleasure, or pain or experience. By not choosing, we refuse to go towards what our Most Brilliant Life calls us to  become. This “not going/risking” feels safe and protective but it is a lie and any time we don’t go to what we are called to become we die inside and shrivel up like a raisin (no offence to my good friend the raisin!).
       I may be in the minority, but I say live that life, take those chances, fall on your face, love, cry, laugh because that is what it is to be alive. It’s who you become when you keep getting back up and living a full life.

Travel Trials and Humor

Last weekend I had the immense luck and privilege to be invited by my cousin (hey cuz! Thx man!) down to Chicago to partake of a Nascar race. We had the (perhaps once in a lifetime or at least long time) best seats in the house. From learning the intricacies of the hauling race trailers, to meeting drivers and their crew to being trackside for phenomenal 14 second pitting procedures that are incredibly impressive, to travelling around the banked track at over 180km/hr (115 mph) we had total “backstage” pass inside access. The teams really operate as huge families and all work so hard just to get that driver and car to the starting grid. Like an iceberg where you only see 10% of the size, that day showed us every little detail that goes into preparing (for safety) and running a vehicle hurtling around over 300km/hr (186 mph).

Travelling really requires you to stay open to experiences and adventures as things do invariably go wrong either by your own or destiny’s fault. I began my journey the night before when I drove down to Buffalo to save a few hundred dollars on the flight. At the border, the Spanish Inquisition was re-enacted for my experiencing pleasure as I was grilled mercilessly by a machine gun questioning guard with bugged out crazy eyes. He finally returned my passport allowing me to experience the less savory neighborhoods of Buffalo while seemingly taking the LEAST direct route to my destination.

I arrived in “Shytown” the next morning early and connected with my cousin. Upon arrival to the windy city it became abundantly clear, a good sense of humor and adventure would be required! We realized immediately that the huge towers of the downtown core rendered the GPS almost irrelevant after we went around in circles in rush hour traffic for about 20 minutes as the GPS basically kept recalculating and admonishing us for “wrong” turns it had just suggested seconds earlier. We arrived at the hotel, unpacked and began realizing that leaving the hotel would carry its own price at every turn.

Leaving the hotel became an annoyance in two ways, a) the costs and b) the availability of anything and everything considered “normal” (like 24 hour pharmacies or coffee shops open when you want a coffee, etc.). Leaving the hotel with the car would incur $20-$30 parking charges anywhere we went so we decided to take cabs. Low and behold most cab rides were also in the same $20-$30 range. As if to mock us the city seemed to mock us at every turn when a reasonable request was made (“Why would you want lip balm at 11AM on a Sunday?”)!

The coffee place was closed almost the whole weekend, restaurants we almost all closed or so distant they weren’t worth cabbing or driving to! By Saturday night our craving for Mexican became a akin to “Quest for Fire”! The front desk confirmed that the restaurants were “a $30 cab ride return”, this constant “walletitis” was beginning to annoy and sting regularly. We decided to order Indian food online and the food came almost 2 hours later when eating the order out menus was becoming an option!

Many people we met complained about the economy and all the bankrupcies. By Sunday my cousin and I snidely remarked, “Maybe if your stores and restaurants were open, you could do better!”The aquarium was phenomenal as was the Nascar race I must say. On Sunday morning we had an hour to kill before my flight so we went to a mall. At 10 AM the place was barely open! Even by 11 AM, opening time, many stores were just barely opening!

This was not a rant against this city or trip far from it, but only fuel for my premise that my cousin and I armed with very good senses of “whatever happens happens and it is part of the journey” ended up enjoying a situation that could have really thrown many others off. If you go travelling with the “mind of a student adventurer” you will enjoy the inevitable minor and Major “S curves” (also called by some not us, “things going horribly wrong”) on the journey as integral parts of the journey. You will not be thrown off when a new situation challenges your expectations and existing habitual patterns.

Travelling is definitely a growth experience and allows one to experience new places, people and ways of living. Don’t forget to leave your expectations and habits at home, you’ll have a much better time!

I challenge you this next week to live with the mind of a student explorer, you may never go back to your “old” habits and ways! Even if you do, you may appreciate how good you have it at home and enjoy it more!


Celebrating 6 Months of the “Quantum Leap Living” Newsletter

I’m proud of the fact this December 2nd newsletter marks the beginning of the 7thmonth of bringing you Canada’s only weekly Law of Attraction newsletter. For those of you who have enjoyed it from the very beginning, thank you for your support and I hope you get as much out of it as I put in.

I won’t lie to you, there were many weeks where Thursday’s would roll around and I had no idea what to write! This is the truth. Like all things, sometimes you just gut it out. What helped me was knowing I was touching people on the other end. Your feedback and questions have been particularly supportive and inspiring as we often go through similar life trials and tribulations! I will endeavour to make the next 6 months even better as we roll out the Law of Attraction Meetup Group (, seminars, books, Masks-Off! and all manner of other things we haven’t yet even created for you!

Three Ways to Manifest and Attract Abundance

I’m often asked, “What’s the best way for me to start attracting abundance into my life?”

This is a great question and here’s my answer.

There are 3 Ways to Manifest powerfully and quickly. Here they are, in no particular order or level of effectiveness.

1. Begin visualizing/imagining specifically/exactly what you want and (MORE IMPORTANTLY) what it will feel like when you have it. You must feel it as if it already happened (not I hope!). Example: “I see/feel myself driving a 2012 Metallic Blue BMW M3 Coupe.” Don’t ever spend any time (zero time) focusing on HOW it will happen as that will destroy your feeling and all attraction!

2. Begin visualizing/imagining a general idea of what you want and (MORE IMPORTANTLY) what it will feel like when you have it. You must feel it as if it already happened (not I hope!). Example: “I see/feel myself driving a Blue luxury sports coupe.” Don’t ever spend any time (zero time) focusing on HOW it will happen as that will destroy your feeling and all attraction!

3. Be Happy! I know this one seems too easy! It’s not. When you feel good all the time, you beam out Joy/Appreciation/Empowerment/Love and those are all #1 on the emotional scale. They supercharge your attraction! Your ONE AND ONLY objective in life is to be happy! NOT only when things are going your way. Most people wait until the “right” conditions (always out of our hands mostly) appear to be happy. Choose happiness first then more comes. It just works!


Better Life 2.0 : Top 10 : 2012 Edition!

Two weeks ago I mentioned not believing in New Year’s Resolutions. That doesn’t mean I don’t have areas I want to do even better in than 2011! I thought I’d share a few of mine, who knows they may connect or inspire some in you!

  1. Endeavour to leave all I meet a little happier or lighter than when I met them.
  2. Be even more meticulous with following through on commitments or number 3.
  3. Use my ability to say “NO, thank you” much more and not feel guilty speaking my truth (live authentic to my most brilliant self).
  4. Really spend my spare time doing things I love, be playful, NOT doing things out of obligation/guilt.
  5. Be more selfish, if I don’t take care of myself first I don’t have anything to give.
  6. Go for any and every opportunity or connection that sings to my heart, I hate regret.
  7. Allow all the abundance that is coming to flow without wondering when it will come.
  8. Make massive physical vibrancy, health and vitality a cornerstone of my experience.
  9. Live in the present moment as much as I can. The past is over (we can still find more empowering meanings to the past though). The future but a dream (and should be visualized at its most positive to attract it). All our power is in this moment right now. That’s why the present is a gift.
  10. Develop more high quality friendships while reducing/eliminating toxic relationships that don’t feed my growth in this life.

What will yours be?

Thank you to all of you who supported me in 2011, it means so much to me!

Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true and your life be an example for those around you in 2012.

Oh, Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!




When was the last time you Sat Under Your Sink!?

This morning as I was walking in the quiet woods of the park with my dog Riplee (Believe it or Not!) I was in appreciation. I appreciated the nature around me, the beautiful sky and sun, the mild (for January 20) weather. I was in a good place as I always am when in nature.

A thought jumped out at me. Five years ago when I certified as a coach one of the exercises we had to do was to sit under our kitchen sink for 30 minutes with the door closed. What !!!?? You may say. The exercise, which I attempted (I lasted about 20 minutes) was a great example of shifting our perspective. The time under my sink really showed me how much of my intimate space I thought I knew well (turns out not much at all!). Once the initial “what the hell am I doing here?” of my ego quieted down, I began seeing an intricate world I’d never experienced. It showed me that even places I thought I knew well, I really only knew from one view. Another exercise: lie on the ground in your living room staring at the ceiling! Look around, see things you know from crazy new angles. Once we suspend our judgment of the activity (“this is stupid, immature, etc.) we can enjoy it as children do.

This week, I had a close friend over and as we discussed the mysteries of the universe (isn’t that what everyone talks about? lol), I found myself in a new place in my residence. I was standing in a place I had never stood. I was seeing things from an angle I had never seen, and it was fun! I have a hanging set of small “birds”, about 10 of them on a string. They are multi-colored and really cute. I have had that “mobile” for over 2 years but have rarely really noticed it based on how I move around my place. Seeing it from that crazy angle reminded me how, if we switch perspectives we see new (beautiful) things.

Weekly Challenge: I dare you, sit under your sink and email me how it was!



The Law of Attraction Makes Selling Things (Almost?) Too Easy!

This week I wanted to touch on the Law of Attraction and how being in the upper vibrational emotions attracts positive people, events and experiences (like attracts like). Since the end of last summer it had become increasingly evident that I would want to sell my dirt bike. I didn’t have many partners to ride with, insurance and trailering it everywhere were expensive and I was getting most of my two-wheeled excitement from my adventure BMW Dakar.

         As spring has officially sprung it was time to sell the dirt bike. I imagined the sale going smoothly as I also imagines and believed there were an abundance of buyers and that my bike was particularly priced right and in good condition looking for a loving new owner. As I posted the bike on a local classified board I expectantly (Positive Expectation/Belief/Faith are #4 on the Emotional Scale) placed the ad and went about my business.

If like me you have sold items on boards you know that it can be fraught with buyers that are unprepared, underfinanced or generally just looking to haggle. Although I did have one “we’ll send you the money by Paypal” type scam at first and one buyer wanted to trade something I didn’t want. Within days however I had a serious, qualified buyer who looked over the bike and gave me a deposit and we settled on a sale price within a hundred dollars of my asking. The bike was delivered this week and I even received an email after saying how happy he was with the purchase. So I had attracted a qualified, excited and worthy buyer for my prized dirt bike.

This is a great example of the Law of Attraction in action. My universal manager orchestrated all events so I could easily obtain what I wanted as I expected it to and had visualized it hundreds of times. Most people do visualize a lot, unfortunately most of it is “worst case scenario” catastrophizing. I challenge you this week to expect the best, you will probably get it.


What Catapults You Immediately into Your Most Brilliant Self?

        The particularly (unusually) mild winter of 2012 allowed me 2 days riding on my Dakar motorcycle. Oh the pure unadultered joy of riding a motorcycle (forget the cold for just a second, brrr!) was ecstatic for those 2 days. I just thought I’d share that because there are always activities that automatically catapult me into joy, flow and honestly give me my mojo back when it drifts away!

       Some of mine include running trails with my dog in the park, losing myself in Skyrim video game, my remote control monster trucks, writing, speaking, coaching, running men’s groups, a warm tender romantic evening with a partner you love, etc. As you can see I have many things that immediately shift my state to one of utter love, joy, empowerment, passion, appreciation and faith that all is well. When I feel that way, really amazing, innovative and intuitive ideas bubble up and are ready for exploration. What do you have or do that immediately launch  you to that space.

If you don’t have many, that’s your homework. Here’s a quick test: if you wouldn’t do the activity if I gave you 3 perfect health months to live, then it’s not a true passion! Forget costs, practicalities and self-created “thinking small” limitations, do what makes your heart sing. If you don’t know what does that, I challenge you to try one new activity per week for 8 weeks and then come and talk to me about living life as if every moment is your last. Before that, we both have some homework as I need as many of those activities too and practice what I preach by trying a multitude of new things and loving it!


Your Job is to Ask!

       As this ridiculously mild March weather has made my apartment rather warm with the patio quarantined and barricaded for repairs. I set off to purchase a trusty floor mode fan at my local giant megabox home improvement center. As I visited one place, apparently their winter clearout was in full swing with no fans. Off to the second store where only one remained in a battered and re-taped box. Normally I would just fork over the $18 and head home. Not today though as my inner deal hound smelled a discount opportunity.

       My first reaction was, “You don’t want to be one of those people!”. You know, the never satisfied always looking for a deal, pain the you know what. Then the wise me chimed in and said, “No, the box is battered and bruised, let’s try to save a few bucks, this might be fun!” As I approached the customer service desk, I read the button on the lady behind the counter, “WE ARE EMPOWERED!”, so I asked for a discount.

As she grabbed the phone to call another associate, I asked her, “Hey aren’t you empowered?”  She smiled and said, “Apparently not enough!” After about 5 minutes and another associate I got a $4 discount on the $18 fan, an over 20% discount that I would have never gotten if I didn’t ask. I felt triumphant as I left realizing that in this life you get what you ask for not a penny more.

I challenge you this week to ask for more of your life, who knows it might be worth a lot more than $4!