Spring and Change are in the Air!

          One constant in life seems to be change. Whether we want it or not, the world is always changing. We often feel threatened by change as we worry we will lose what we have or won’t like the new situation.
          I am no exception to this rule. Over the last week so many things that were working well (or so I thought!) have had some challenges. Some of the things that were not working very well suddenly improved dramatically seemingly “out of the blue”.
           I find that term “out of the blue” interesting. Apparently, it signifies thunder and lightning coming out of the sky (blue). In French, it is “tombe du ciel” meaning “falling from the sky”.
            Last weekend, a close friend of mine was visiting and we were both quite shocked and alarmed at how the weekend progressed. It all ended very well, but there were quite a few bumps. At the root was the fact we had not really seen each other for almost a year. Both of us were quite different to each other and triggered some of our own inadequacies.
In our cases, in my humble opinion we are both used to being the most intense persons in the room!
            Imagine two people like that in the same areas for extended periods! Fireworks! That said, I truly know we both got exactly what we needed out of last weekend and we are both exactly where we need to be on our own unique life journeys.

Manifesting Abundance Tricks and Tips!

I thought this week I would share a few tricks I have used effectively to manifest what I wanted.

Some tips:
#1. Create a Vision Board: for yourself with pictures of exotic locations and things, empowering thoughts and sayings. I use newspaper letters to use the fact our subconscious mind believes the printed word. We are visual, seeing what you want helps to show new combinations and relationships.

#2. Create a Purpose for Your Life: 
Pick something grandiose, exciting that fits your natural talents and gifts. The key: juicy language and must have vision. Some of the  ones on my board are: “I’m a Super Jedi Coach!” and “Frank’s Duty to the world: To Educate, Help (Coach) and Entertain!” Are you the “Wizard of Wall Street” or the “Magician of Merchandising”. It should be a powerful metaphor/image to have power.

#3. Be Authentic and Clear About What You Want!
Be as specific as possible. Most of us send a confused and scattered message to the universe, then we wonder why “our stuff” doesn’t happen or come the way we want. Write exactly what you want! Put it on the vision board! Imagine it done, how will it feel once done. Don’t worry about the “when” and “how”, just “what” and “why”. My example:  I am single and want to manifest a magical woman. I created a list of 43 “Must Haves” and “Nice to Haves” in a woman. I am now clear and will put my order out to the universe.

#4. Start Too Many Projects!t
I began 4 or 5 totally unrelated projects at teh same time! This sounds like madness right? I can’t start one and you’re telling me to start many? Exactly, the vision board allowed me to see inter-relationships that I never saw before. When I was bored or frustrated in one, I would move to another to keep excited and creative. Sometimes I took a week off completely. If I didn’t feel like doing it, I didn’t do it! That simple. Now of course I still amde deadlines and commitments. for true creative writing and building you need to be at Contentment (#6 on the emotional scale or higher). Below that, you don’t have access to great answers. It’s better then to go to nature, for a drive, anything else to allow your mind some down time.

#5: Allow Time 
Any good farmer knows it takes time for seeds to sprout. Once the seed is planted (your desired outcome) you must water (keep visualizing it as done) and sun (repeat what you want daily and believe it!) plus time. Most people give up just before things start happening! Give it time and remember, religions don’t have a monopoly on faith! Your inner strength is greater than the outside reality.


Focussing on Problems Makes them Bigger and Attracts More!

Question In the past, I always tried to fix problems; I believed that the more I thought about them, I could get them fixed. I found that they got bigger and attracted bigegr problem friends! Your thoughts?                                 GH

Frank’s Answer:

Our readers are brilliant; you understand the law of Attraction by the tone of your question, well done!
It doesn’t work and is a flawed premise perpetuated by the media. Most think the more they push against what they DON’T want it will go away. WRONG, they attract more.

WHAT YOU FOCUS ON GROWS! What you resist persists, What you ignore haunts you no more!

The only way to really solve a problem permanently is to ALWAYS LOOK TOWARD THE SOLUTION, what we want. Again the universe doesn’t understand the word “NOT” or “Don’t want”. It hears “Problem”.
Try this out next time you are stuck. Focus 1 minute on the problem, and then focus 1 whole minute on the solution. Now go spend another minute on the problem. Doesn’t feel too good does it? You will see the difference in how you feel is night and day.
If you are not sure which you are focusing on, check in with how good you feel! Focusing on the solution will turn your boat around (send you back downstream).


The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma:

QuestionI’m a health care professional and entrepreneur and from time to time I find myself in a rut, questioning my abilities, if I’m doing the right thing, should I do something else…I have a couple of what I think are great personal and career opportunities at the moment, and I want to know what the best way is to stay fresh, energized, enthusiastic about these projects. Also, because they’re entrepreneurial in nature, there’s risk, all types of different risks, financial, personal, opportunity costs and the like. I want to stay energized and passionate about the opportunities while at the same time staying level headed. How do I stay passionate and energized enough to defend my ideas about these opportunities while being open minded and flexible about suggestions/criticisms from others. How do I manage the dilemma of having the fire, but also realistic?                DP

Frank’s Reply:
Firstly, we all get in ruts sometimes, but I would watch my language (as language shapes our experience), call it a “creative break” or a “refocus period”, as if you’ve ever really been stuck in a winter icy rut with your bald tires, tough to get out and the word is powerful for your subconscious mind!

Whenever we tackle something for the first few times we are complete and utterly “lost” and relatively “useless” as we have few reference points or guide points letting us know “proceed you are on the right track” or something similar. I’m hearing a fair amount of enthusiasm (great! Passion #2 on the ES) but also fear (awful feeling #22 on the ES!). Trust your intuition on these “great” opportunities and follow them as far as they feel good to you and motivate you, otherwise put them aside and focus on what’s working.

The best way to feel fresh and energized with these projects is to fully commit all of you to them, don’t hold back (your STUMPS (acronym for Saboteur Trickster Most Pathetic Self in “u”) is telling you to be guarded and not give 100%), don’t listen, do it anyway. Remember it’s not what you do that is important but who you become in the trials and tribulations of trying, failing and dusting yourself off and trying again. Being an entrepreneur is a lonely profession, I know. Thousands of untold invested hours with sometimes zero external money or result to show for it, that’s why many prefer a cushy job, guaranteed income.  The fact you have multiple projects is a great testament to others’ confidence in you and your openness, trust that side of yourself.

As for Realistic VS Passion, they are polar opposites and inversely correlated. As an early stage entrepreneur I would lean 80% passion, 20% realistic as all great breakthroughs were not realistic.
Realistic is for losers and those who work in bean-counter organizations, not us little mice (vs. dinosaur) entrepreneurs. Besides realistic has no vision, juice or power! Passion can sell any idea to anyone.

I would make sure I have well set out goal milestones and these need to be things you know are needed to succeed, but NOT the final result, keep reframing it bigger. Here’s an example from my work.

  • When I first had the idea of Cobra in the Closet project I wanted to write about my client’s progress over 37 days.
  • I had no clear goals in writing other than to capture what was occurring and my evaluation (still in experiment/report mode)
  • Then as I began writing more and more (what I thought were good pages) I realized I loved writing this book and committed to writing a minimum of 3 pages a day in it (with no final target).
  • I soon realized my experiment subject was not playing her “role” as student / coachee at all”. At this point I wanted to quit saying “how can I write a book about coaching her if she doesn’t want to be coached?
  • I realized then, my viewpoint was too small so I reframed it (helped by the journaling in the book I was writing). I reframed it this way:

“I may fail as a coach, Jen may fail as a student but the project succeeds madly!”

This took a lot of pressure off me, and allowed me to continue.

Last point: As an entrepreneur: Other people will criticize and try to discourage you mostly because it is so confronting to have someone go for their dreams when you have not followed yours. Society is hypercritical and small minded. As an entrepreneur, hang with others who are on similar paths as they get it, all others especially close family and friends come from “well-meaning fear” but they steal all our passion and juice and give our STUMPS ammunition. They are dream-stealers….avoid them as it takes too much energy to “defend” as you say. Trust me over time no one will get to you, as you don’t give them an inch, your vibration is so strong and sure, they feel it and buy in!

Good luck let us know how it goes!

The Incredible Rampage of Appreciation

I was thinking this week (I know it happens sporadically! Lol), how “appreciation” of everything, events, people and life is one of the most powerful vibrations we can access (and easiest from lower ones) . It is really strong in that it is grateful for what we already have (short-circuiting society’s do/have/consume more always!) and doesn’t ask for anything to change for us to be happy. It is impossible to be appreciative and sad at the same time!

As such, Abraham Hicks describes a great exercise called the “Rampage of Appreciation”. It really lifts our vibration and mood and really feels great!

Here’s how it’s done, I’ll use my dog Riplee as he is so easy to do (start with easy things/people/events until you get better at it!).

Example: Rampage of Appreciation for Riplee:

I love how he comes to bet with me in the morning and licks my face as I wake up!
He’s so cute when he gets excited about chasing a stick in the lake!
He’s always up to go outside for a run with me!
I love how his ears perk up when I say certain words!
He’s always overjoyed at my arrival and makes me feel so welcome!
He‘s so cute when he rolls around kicking all 4 of his paws in every direction!
He sleeps with his short tail close to his body.
He always smells so good, especially the pads under his feet!

SO there you have it.

Challenge: Find anything/anyone to really appreciate all that is great about it, let me know how you like/love it, it feels so good!


What we Focus on Grows

                What we resist persists, what we ignore haunts us no more. It is a common misconception that the more we focus on a problem the faster we resolve it. The Law of Attraction says the complete opposite. I know when I have what I “perceive as negative news” I am tempted to “talk it out” with everyone I know. I have found in the last few years however that what works for me (borrow it if it resonates with you) is to intensely speak to a few people. I find I find my own solutions as I talk it through. Once that initial blast is done however, I give the matter very little additional attention.
I have found that talking about the “negative” only brings more negative thoughts and ideas and very little new insight or better feeling thoughts.  Remember, a negative event is rarely what it seems, and rarely as bad as you make it out to be initially. I love the following little parable I have heard.
“In a long ago time of strife and war, a Chinese man wished his son to have a long and healthy life.
One day his son fell off his horse and broke his leg.
As the city folk learned the “terrible” news, they told the man, “what a terrible thing happened to your son.”
The man replied calmly, “It is not a terrible thing, I don’t know why but I know this will turn out to be a good thing!”
The next day, the army came into town and took away all the men except his son.”
Next time “bad” news “befalls” (we attract all we receive actually) you, tell yourself, this is all meant to be and just because you don’t know why doesn’t mean it’s not for your best. You just don’t see “why” yet.


Popular Animal Related Sayings and the Law of Attraction

I thought this week it would be fun to analyze some popular sayings related to animals through the lens of the law of Attraction. Some of these were real brain twisters hope you enjoy them. If you would like to challenge or add to my points drop me an email!

So here goes!
1. There are plenty more fish in the sea.

The Law of Attraction would agree and add that with the right emotional level you can hang out and attract with only those you are similar to as your vibrations match. For example, if you have recently been dumped, it was probably because there is someone even better waiting and you had a lesson to learn.

2. Don’t count your chickens until they have hatched.

Here the Law of Attraction (LoA)  would disagree If you really believe many will hatch then they will, if you don’t believe many will then they won’t. This is a fear-based and “scarcity” perspective (the world is abundant!)

3. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.

Here the LoA would disagree. Visualizing what you want (but don’t have yet) will attract it. Feeling like you already have it ensures it is on its way and feels better to boot. On the other hand if you are only looking at what you have you won’t attract much more.

4. Let sleeping dogs lie.

Here the LoA would agree. What you focus on grows, every time you bring up negatives more will come and your vibration drops. Many times ignoring or NOT focusing on something you have deemed “negative” will remove it or at least diminish its impact on you.
5. Early bird gets the worm.

Here the LoA would disagree. This dictum argues early and massive action will beat out competition.  The LoA maintains there is abundance everywhere, and your having it does not remove it for someone else. The LoA is firm in its stipulation that 99% of action that is out of alignment (not from real feeling good emotion) will fail. So aligned action will get the worms no matter the time and many of them as the action comes from a great feeling place.
6. Kill 2 birds with one stone.

Here the LoA would agree and raise you a few more birds! We’ve all been in that state of “flow” when everything seems to be going well. We get the promotion, feel healthy and get the perfect partner all seemingly “out of the blue”. Usually we were feeling great just before and had visualized all we wanted. It appears “out of the blue” to those who don’t know how the LoA works.
7. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

The LoA agrees. Forcing yourself or anyone else to do something they don’t want to will never provide a meaningful long term positive outcome.  All action should be aligned action from an emotion of optimism or higher on the emotional scale (numbers 6 to 1).

Remember: The definition of suffering = worrying about things/people out of our control.

8. Take the bull by the horns.

I don’t know about this one! On the one hand, moving towards what you want is taking charge. On the other, too much action out of alignment will get you tossed into the crowd or gored to death. Like a bullfighter dances with the bull, LoA says to be easy fluid and allow.

This was fun! I’d love your feedback and/or comments.


Better Life 2.0 : Top 10 : 2012 Edition!

Two weeks ago I mentioned not believing in New Year’s Resolutions. That doesn’t mean I don’t have areas I want to do even better in than 2011! I thought I’d share a few of mine, who knows they may connect or inspire some in you!

  1. Endeavour to leave all I meet a little happier or lighter than when I met them.
  2. Be even more meticulous with following through on commitments or number 3.
  3. Use my ability to say “NO, thank you” much more and not feel guilty speaking my truth (live authentic to my most brilliant self).
  4. Really spend my spare time doing things I love, be playful, NOT doing things out of obligation/guilt.
  5. Be more selfish, if I don’t take care of myself first I don’t have anything to give.
  6. Go for any and every opportunity or connection that sings to my heart, I hate regret.
  7. Allow all the abundance that is coming to flow without wondering when it will come.
  8. Make massive physical vibrancy, health and vitality a cornerstone of my experience.
  9. Live in the present moment as much as I can. The past is over (we can still find more empowering meanings to the past though). The future but a dream (and should be visualized at its most positive to attract it). All our power is in this moment right now. That’s why the present is a gift.
  10. Develop more high quality friendships while reducing/eliminating toxic relationships that don’t feed my growth in this life.

What will yours be?

Thank you to all of you who supported me in 2011, it means so much to me!

Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true and your life be an example for those around you in 2012.

Oh, Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!




The Law of Attraction Makes Selling Things (Almost?) Too Easy!

This week I wanted to touch on the Law of Attraction and how being in the upper vibrational emotions attracts positive people, events and experiences (like attracts like). Since the end of last summer it had become increasingly evident that I would want to sell my dirt bike. I didn’t have many partners to ride with, insurance and trailering it everywhere were expensive and I was getting most of my two-wheeled excitement from my adventure BMW Dakar.

         As spring has officially sprung it was time to sell the dirt bike. I imagined the sale going smoothly as I also imagines and believed there were an abundance of buyers and that my bike was particularly priced right and in good condition looking for a loving new owner. As I posted the bike on a local classified board I expectantly (Positive Expectation/Belief/Faith are #4 on the Emotional Scale) placed the ad and went about my business.

If like me you have sold items on boards you know that it can be fraught with buyers that are unprepared, underfinanced or generally just looking to haggle. Although I did have one “we’ll send you the money by Paypal” type scam at first and one buyer wanted to trade something I didn’t want. Within days however I had a serious, qualified buyer who looked over the bike and gave me a deposit and we settled on a sale price within a hundred dollars of my asking. The bike was delivered this week and I even received an email after saying how happy he was with the purchase. So I had attracted a qualified, excited and worthy buyer for my prized dirt bike.

This is a great example of the Law of Attraction in action. My universal manager orchestrated all events so I could easily obtain what I wanted as I expected it to and had visualized it hundreds of times. Most people do visualize a lot, unfortunately most of it is “worst case scenario” catastrophizing. I challenge you this week to expect the best, you will probably get it.


When we Allow the Universe Provides

I was joyfully reminded how the universe provides for us when we are in alignment (being our authentic, most brilliant selves). I have been working diligently behind the scenes with some very talented and generous individuals who are helping me create a new brand that will really connect (Official unveil April 6th, 2012). As such a world class web site is being created. As with all great work, someone needs to be paid!

       As such I was required to provide 50% of the cost up front and needed a few hundred dollars extra that I didn’t have. I didn’t worry about it as I thought, “The website will be begun when its time is here.” Quite unexpectedly, the money came in via a new client that was referred to me suddenly (thanks JV!). Incredibly, the amount was almost exactly (+$9) what I needed to begin the website.

Being in the moment and not focusing on the “lack of money” issue (Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness are #21 on the ES) allowed my universal manager Mike to handle the details.

As the beloved Hannibal in the 80’s series “The A-Team” was fond of saying, “I love it when a plan comes together!”.

Your challenge this week: To allow the universe’s abundance to touch you (the Universe is limitlessly abundant). Your job: To Allow!